Motlatsi Mafatshe's advice to aspiring actors

Actor and musician offers his advice to up and coming actors

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:45 PM  | Motlatsi Mafatshe 

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And gives us his take on what his Isidingo character - Sechaba has taught him about himself as a man.

Having acted on several television shows for the past couple of years, Motlatsi has undoubtedly garnered a lot of success as an actor and performer. And with so many of our readers requesting for acting advice from us, we thought it best we catch up with an actor who knows all about being or becoming an actor. Especially when it comes to those nerve-wrecking auditions.

Here are Motlatsi's 

Be yourself, prepare and do research

"I would say always come prepared. Prepare and then be yourself and bring a unique thing about whatever you're bringing and when you prepare you obviously research, therefore this means you know what you're talking about. Sometimes when going to an audition you don't need much research, but researching just gives you some form stability when the nerves kick in because you now have something to fall back on which is preparation, being yourself and research." Said the actor.

The actor also added that it is important to always check your personality and attitude as that also plays an important factor on whether people want to work with you or not because at times you find that you work with a certain group of people for 6 months or a year, therefore checking your personality is always an important thing to take into consideration.

Dress Code

Motlatsi believes that your dress code when going to an audition really depends on what audition you're going for and it really doesn't bear any significance on how you perform at the audition.

"I think each to his own hey... there's no system to be fair. The look does come into place but you can always change how someone looks with wardrobe and make-up. But also being neutral as possible is ideal, it takes away from another department that you are not there for. But then also, it goes back to that whole thing of preparation. Said the actor.

With a successful role, playing the character of Sechaba on Isidingo we also asked Motlatsi what his character on the show has taught him about being a black man in South Africa and this is what he had to say.

"Sechaba has taught me to not be a bystander, to take a stand and not be an ordinary South African, with everything that's happening in the country, we need people to stand up and voice the type of country and the type of men they want for the country. And so for me, Sechaba has taught me to be real and to just stay true to who we are." Said the actor.

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