Nasty C's Girlfriend Spits Harder Than Most Local Rappers

She raps better than A-Reece according to Tweeps

By  | May 05, 2022, 08:49 PM 

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Sammie Heavens who gained her popularity from her public relationship with one of the country’s best rappers Nasty C certainly has more to offer than being known as the rapper’s girlfriend. She is a digital content creator with over 350K followers on her Social Media accounts combined, a writer, and a fashionista. She has now also added rapper to her repertoire.

Sammie, whose real name is Ntombizodwa Beatrice Sibanyoni recently took to Twitter to share a short video clip of herself in a studio and spitting bars to a Hip Hop beat that sounds like her new song. She did not share much in the caption but mentioned that she was inspired to write this song by the drama that unfolded on social media where a fellow YouTube content creator called her out for “not contributing” to her relationship with rapper Nasty C. She also mentioned in a separate tweet that she made a Zulu Afro song that she likes, and as much as we don’t know what Zulu Afro mean, we certainly know what sounds good and the song does.

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Many followers and fans online started reacting to the video of Sammie Heavens rapping and they think that it’s good, with some even claiming that she is better than most local rappers including A Reece. Other fans did not seem too convinced that the song is Sammie’s original creation and shared their critiques and claims that it might actually have been written by Nasty C himself.

Sammie Heavens and Nsikayesizwe David Junior Ngcobo who goes by Nasty C have been dating for over 7 years now.  The couple met back in High School where they both did their senior grade at Nuz Junior High School in Durban and Sammie who is a year younger than the rapper was a grade behind him. It is reported that they met in grades 8 and 9 respectively when Sammie was only 15 and Nasty C was 16 - a beautiful love story if you ask me.

Since sharing this video on Social Media, Sammie Heavens also urged her many Instagram followers to suggest a possible feature to tag on the song, and the fans obliged in the comment section. Many local musician names came up but Money Badoo’s name showed up a couple of times. Money Badoo is an upcoming female rapper who’s popular in the Johannesburg club scene. She is admired for her style which merges punk rock and Hip Hop and her overall teenage angsty look. Other fans and followers in the comment section suggested a feature with Blxckie and of course Nasty C.

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Sammie still has not confirmed whether or not she will release the song she posted online or when but fans are hoping she does and is already wishing that she performs live at some events including Nasty C’s very own Ivyson concert in Durban.

Some of the top replies from her post said, “You should collaborate with your hubby sometime soon, just to make history.” Another one compared her to Doja Cat.

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