Nasty C’s Girlfriend Surprises Mzansi With Her Rap Skills

She’s almost as good as Nasty C

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Besides the fact that Nasty C’s girlfriend Sammy Heavens went to the same high school as him and they once broke up, not much is known about her.
In a recent video shared all over social media, Sammy showed the world that she’s very talented. 
In the lyrics, she says she’s not that great at human interaction and she prefers to keep things on the low.
After going public with their relationship a few years ago, Sammie Heavens received criticism from controversial YouTuber Slik Talk for allegedly not contributing to the relationship.
"I want to talk about value. What does Sammie Heavens have to offer? What does she contribute to the table? What is her value as a person?."
This was not the first time Sammy had to deal with trolls, she released a YouTube video after fans questioned her relationship with A Reece for liking his music.

"But it's fine. It's okay, I will listen to my rapper's music and only my rapper's music. And it's fine. I won't listen to other rappers or go to their shows. It's fine, I won't listen to their music, or download their music. I won't follow them on Instagram or like their tweets. I won't even see their names on Twitter because I will block their names. Because oh my gosh, my phone had this person's name, God f***** forbid," she said.
Speaking to us about how his latest album came about in 2021, Nasty C said that it happened naturally.
"It just happened naturally I guess because with regards to me and Tellaman whenever I feel like I have a song I call him and we get to the studio and make it. With the international guys, it was a matter of them hearing about me, or the people that know me that side when they are in the studios they make the connections and all I do is just to find a song that is perfect send it and make it out."
He also stressed that he is not competing with anyone with the new project.
 "I'm not competing with these guys, we are not playing the same game I'm dropping an album to update my fans on what's going on In my life, but has nothing to do with anyone else."
Main Picture Credit: Sammie Heavens Instagram Account

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