Nonku And Her Mother Anger Viewers

Avid viewers of the Real Housewives of Durban want them off the screen

By  | Jan 31, 2022, 10:57 AM 

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The highly anticipated first episode of the Real Housewives of Durban season two, finally premiered on Friday and it became the talk of the town.

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In the first episode, Nonku Williams talked about how she wanted her child Nothile, to have a relationship with Ayanda and Sfiso Ncwane's children, but this never happened.

It angered viewers that Nonku's mother is still demanding Ayanda pay for her late husband's damages. Furthermore, Nonku lamented that the other ladies hadn't checked on her since the last episode of the first season.

Many viewers took to social media to demand that they be removed from the show. They also criticized them for victimizing Ayanda, who recently left the show.

@__wenzie wrote "Nonku is calling the ladies "cruel to the core" for not calling and checking up on her when she and her mom are the ones that tag teamed to bully and humiliate Ayanda."

@LundiMali wrote "Nonku and her mom are the same person. Both stupid, selfish and fame hungry. I’m glad Ayanda left the show and is keeping her kids away from them. Which parent would want their kids associated with that?! #RHODurban."

@Ndoni_M wrote, "Nonku and her mother abekho Right ekhanda, there is no justification for their behaviour towards Ayanda and for them not to see anything wrong with that is just embarrassing sies #RHODurban."

During the reunion of the first season of the show. Nonku’s mom made an appearance and said she got a special message for Ayanda from Mr. Williams, Nonku’s father.

She said Mr. Williams wanted Ayanda to pay damages for Sfiso and Nonku’s daughter Nothile. She said this was Sfiso’s wish before he passed on.

Tweeps did not waste time to drag Nonku and her mother, many pointed out that there was no need for Nonku and her mother to address the issue on air. @TumeloMoipolai tweeted: “Nonku and her mom even the father!!! Are horrible, to pay for damages as if Ayanda was the one who made Nonku pregnant and to talk about an issue like that on live television, who the hell do they think they are Loudly crying face for sure Ayandas boys were so sad seeing mom like that.”

Taking to her Instagram account yesterday, Nonku reintroduced herself and  sent a scathing message to trolls who continue to drag her.

For a long time I have kept quiet and not responded to some of the most insinuating comments on social media but it’s time I speak up. I have a voice and as long as I have breath in my body I will never stop speaking and saying enough is enough..enough of cyber bullying, and people thinking they are entitled to someone’s life they know nothing about. 

The 20% of my life that people see on screens think entitles them to make judgements and conclusions about my life is beyond me and their level of reasoning. I can only conclude this by saying it’s a reflection of who they are and how they perceive themselves. I can only thank The Mighty God who has approved of me and loves me so much that others 2cents opinions of me have no effect on me whatsoever, infact I can only pray for them. If Jesus, The King of Glory was ridiculed and spat on who am I" she wrote

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