Ntando & Khaya Mthethwa Call It Quits!

Their marriage was no longer working for them.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:48 PM  | Ntando Mthethwa 

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When Ntandoyenkosi Mthethwa recently cut her hair short, we wondered if it was a simple change of hairstyle or Sis was about to embark on a new life-changing journey.

Well it seems Ntando is readying to welcome a fresh start in her life. The former Miss South Africa shook the masses after announcing that she and husband, Khaya Mthethwa have decided to draw the curtain on their two year old marriage.

A part of the official statement reads as follows:

"....In the last few days my husband and I have had an in depth discussions about our marriage and our young family challenges. On Sunday we met my in laws and informed them of our mutual decision for us to amicably file for divorce. "

The former beauty queen also revealed that she and her son, Oyinkosi Mthethwa have moved out of their marriage home in Durban and have moved back to Ntando's place of birth, Mpumalanga.

Ntando and Khaya were married out of community of property; therefore both parties will be keeping their respective assets.
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Ntando also indicated that there won't be any maintenance battle, as they'll both continue providing for the needs of their son in every way possible.

"...On behalf of Khaya and I, we request you to respect our privacy as we go through this difficult process. We know and appreciate your love and concerns about us but do know that we are fine and this decision is in the best interest of both of us. We agreed to handle our divorce amicably,with mutual respect and no contest. Khaya and I will remain friends. " reads the statement.

Twitter has been blazing upon such a shocking announcement.

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