Pearl Thusi approaches men at a different angle

By  | Jun 18, 2020, 12:33 PM  | Pearl Thusi 

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South African media personality, Pearl Thusi, took to Twitter following President Ramaphosa’s national address, which spoke deemed Gender Based Violence as a national pandemic. 

The actress used her platform to address the men that she knew, questioning them on what they are doing to end the abuse imposed on women. 

Pearl initiated the trending hashtag, #MENMUSTHEAL, which suggest that South African men ought to deal with their deep rooted issues, in order to fix their treatment towards women.

She stated, “Men need to heal. So much anger and violence. What are the men we know doing to end this scourge of darkness? #MENMUSTHEAL.

Dear abusive men: The first step to healing and being a better person is recognising that you have a problem.”

Followers agreed with Pearl’s sentiments, claiming that she had made a valid point in her tweets. See the social media reactions here.

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