Penny Lebyane Is Coming For Every Mainstream Media Gig This Season

She is in her bag

By  | Apr 02, 2022, 01:46 PM  | Penny Lebyane 

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Television and Radio broadcast legend Penny Lebyane is coming for everything this season and we can’t help but stan the continuous hard work and dedication. Penny even with a long media career spanning television, radio and print has been off the mainstream media for a couple of years relying on social media and digital radio to keep her relevancy abreast for a while now.

But the media personality comes back not only on our radio airwaves but the small screens as well this April.

Penny Lebyane will be hosting a new TV show premiering on the DStv Honey channel this month. On the show, we’ll be seeing families seeking spiritual guidance to heal their wounds and get the help they need. She will be joined by traditional healer and spiritualist Mkhulu Rametsi who’ll be the reassuring voice and one helping people find answers to their outcries.

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Each episode of the show will see an individual in need present their problems, accompanied by their loved ones and friends with hopes of finding their answers to said problems. It is meant for individuals who not only seek answers but also those that want to break any prosperity blockages in their lives.

The channel is already proving to serve an impressive lineup of local content and this show is no exception as it promises to deliver hard-hitting reality content diving deep into the public’s spiritual issues and seeking answers that may make or break individuals.
In a short trailer released, we get to see Mkhulu Rametsi in consultation with some of the individuals who come seeking help from the show alongside Penny and the family members of these individuals watching the consultations from a different room in order to also get their own perspectives and be able to assist their loved ones accordingly. One guest on the show mentions in closing that she had gotten all the answers she had come to seek.

Penny sat for a Zoom interview with Newzroom Afrika this morning from Cape Town and shared her excitement, speaking about everything viewers should expect from the upcoming premiere of the show.

In the interview, she started off by explaining the importance of tradition and spirituality, especially since the last two years where everyone was forced into their own corners and left to dig deep and look into who they truly are and deal with their inner souls to help them navigate whatever situations they may find themselves in.

“This show really for me speaks to the elements of our traditional herbs such as Umhlonyane or even ginger which have healing properties that have managed to help us during this pandemic even when scientists were telling us otherwise.” 

She continued to highlight the importance of these traditional herbs, “I’m a girl who grew up in Bushbuck Ridge watching her grandmother go out and come back with a plant to wash her hair, and [as a result] she didn’t have any problems with the follicles of her hair”

She further added that her grandmother also used to cure all of their sicknesses growing up using natural herbs and remedies with healing effects. In closing, she mentioned that the show to her “is about a full-circle journey of what it means to be a contemporary African woman in 2022” while mentioning that she’s also faced many testing struggles during her tenure working in the South African media industry.
This television show announcement comes right after it was announced by Radio 2000 that the media personality will be joining their 2022 weekend lineup from tomorrow the 3rd of April as the show of a lifestyle show called Inspired Sundays from 15:00 to 18:00 every Sunday on Radio 2000.
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