PinkyGirl is living it up in Paris

It must be nice to work for your rich cousin huh?

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:45 PM  | Pinky Girl 

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Working for family doesn't work out for some of us, but I guess it's a whole different story if your cousin isΒ Bonang Matheba. Tebogo "PinkyGirl" Mekgwe or Mo'ghel as her cousin calls her is slowly becoming a celebrity herself. We first met the beauty when she appeared on Being Bonang.

Tebogo ''PinkyGirl" Mekgwe

For those of you fortunate enough to have DSTV premium at home and care enough to watch "Being Bonang, you would know that her and PinkyGirl are really close. They're so close that Pink is Bonang's new personal assistant. Did you see how she got hired on last weeks episode?

They gorgeous cousins are currently vacationing in Paris,Β  the nice thing about being associated with celebrities is that if you're smart, sooner or later you'll become one yourself. PinkyGirl was literally just Bonang's cousin a few week ago but now, her social media following has grown and she's living it up in Paris with her cuzzy.

This isn't the first luxurious getaway the two went to. Remember when Queen B rented out the whole Four Seasons Hotel Spa just for the two of them, hmmmmm must be nice.

Tebogo ''PinkyGirl" Mekgwe
Tebogo ''PinkyGirl" Mekgwe
Tebogo ''PinkyGirl" Mekgwe
Tebogo ''PinkyGirl" Mekgwe

Main Image credit: Instagram/@tebogo_pinkygirl

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