Rami Chuene Worries About Cast And Crew Safety When They Return To Work

So much to worry about because of the spread the rona

By  | Apr 26, 2020, 12:14 PM  | Rami Chuene 

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Whilst the fact that some of Mzansi's favourite shows have or are running out of episodes due to the coronavirus lockdown in Mzansi is causing panic amongst some viewers, actress Rami Chuene has raised an interesting point about the safety of cast and crews returning to work.

The actress is known for being vocal about issues that involve those in the arts, this allegedly even got her booted off popular soapie, The Queen.

A Sunday World report claimed that Rami was fired for supporting fellow actress Vatiswa Ndara.

Following President Cyril Ramaphosa's announcement of the next lockdown steps, Rami in a thread expressed concern over the safety of studio and location casts and crews who are set to return to work as the lockdown regulations are eased.

The actress has plenty of questions, from wanting to know will everyone be getting tested before officially returning to work and who will be footing the bill?

Rami also highlighted the amount of contact there is on and off, set between cast and production.

"It goes way beyond kissing. We share dressing rooms and green rooms, eat in the same space, etc. will sets be disinfected & sterilized every day?" the actress asked.

With the acting industry being set up the way it is, there might just be a reason for concern for those in the industry.

Rami explained that due to the COVID-19 being declared a pandemic, some people were not paid and contracts were canceled.

"Will insurance taken out by producers be amended to cover eventualities related to #Covid_19 going forward? By the way, there are productions that get away with working without basic insurance," said Rami.

The actress shared points that are definitely food for thought will those involved now film wearing cloth makes and how will social distancing be efficiently practiced on sets.

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