Rami Chuene Pens Thread On The Cut-Throat Entertainment Industry

She dished out all the reasons of why they said the industry is not for the faint-hearted.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:49 PM  | Rami Chuene 

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Veteran TV actress Rami Chuene, took to Twitter to pen a mini thread, detailing what creative practitioners, are subjected to every day, in the cut-throat entertainment industry.

The industry is known for the glitz and glam, but Rami has reminded us again that, creative practitioners work extremely hard to cash in the coins!

The actress said, sometimes creatives have no choice, but to accept most job opportunities to keep the gates of their income streams open. Rami educated the masses about how various job professions, within the entertainment business operate.

Her thread revealed how creatives are being exploited, and end up taking every job to sustain their lives.

Rami said casting agents who hunt jobs for actors are also entitled to a certain percentage on your income including artist managers. This results in your pay decreasing.

Rami went to speak about how long jobs in films and soapies last. She said some jobs can last for a couple of months while others, you get paid per call.

Getting paid on a call means that, sometimes it could be even one call a month or you can work for a few months, and then when the job is done you need to job hunt again.

This affect your pocket because, the income might not be able to sustain you until the next job.

Rami said she even saw many spew bile on Kabza De Small, saying he must take a break because, he is developing a phuza face, Rami said he cannot take a break because, he must cash in the coins and more money while he still can.

Like Bonang said, the industry is very fickle so, your fame and fortune may end at any given time so you need to make more money and save. Rami said, most of the time we vent out our frustrations about soapies recycling thespians, but they have no choice, but to accept every cheque because the industry is quite unstable and unpredictable, so jobs are usually few and far between.

Rami said musicians also work hard to sustain their lives, they travel to different gigs and don't sleep, which is why some end up taking drugs to keep themselves energetic.

She also said exploitation and payola are very rife in the industry too. Rami said, musicians who perform with live bands also have to pay their performers or band members, this sees them ending up with a small pay.

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