5 times King SupaMega and Queen B were thee cutest

When you win as individuals and you win at love...

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:45 PM  | AKA  | Relationships

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King SupaMega and Queen B are thee cutest

Like KimYe, South Africa's biggest couple have been under the utmost scutiny since they got together. Many nay-sayers believed the relationship would not last but Kiernan 'AKA' Forbes and Bonang Matheba are still going strong. 

This Twitter user summed up the magic of their relationship perfectly...

While ALL the lovey-dovey moments they have shared with the public are totes "awww-worthy," these 5 moments stand out for us:

1. Catching a quick flight to a performance 

......Saturday. 🌺🌞👑✈️

A post shared by Bonang Matheba (@bonang_m) on

Where he brought her out on stage to seranade her with the song  he wrote for her


A post shared by AKA (@akaworldwide) on

2. Looking like wealth 

aka and bonang back stage
instagram.com/bonang_m // @blaq_smith

A post shared by Bonang Matheba (@bonang_m) on

3. Talent2

aka and bonang DSTVMVCA
instagram.com/bonang_m // @blaq_smith

AKA's personal career biographer of sorts, Blaq Smith, captured this magical moment as the pair rehearsed their respective DSTVMVCA duties (and brought home the bacon).  

And they took it to the next level with this one 

4. Flexin' on the gram with 3-times the international star power 

aka bonang trevor noah
instagram.com/bonang_m // @blaq_smith
aka bonang trevor noah
instagram.com/bonang_m // @blaq_smith

Everybody say it with us now... LEY-vels 

leyvels meme

5. Why send a boring old "i miss you" text when you can flex on 'em with this cuteness?

aka bonang


And we HAD TO add this video of him blushing as soon as he hears her voice. So cute 

Main image credit: instagram.com/bonang_m // @blaq_smith

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