"Nadia Helped Rebuild Me"

AKA gushes over Nadia Nakai

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In a recent interview on the Sobering podcast, AKA gushed over Nadia Nakai and how she helped rebuild him following Anele Tembe's tragic death. 
The aspiring chef fell to her death at a Cape Town Hotel where they both stayed at for AKA's gigs. 
During the interview, AKA denied ever abusing Anele and admitted that their relationship was never perfect. He did however say he might have emotionally abused her during their relationship. 
AKA was addressing that viral video of him breaking a door to get to Anele. The image did not paint him in a very positive light and he is aware of that. 
“That is one of those moments where you lose your temper and you break s*** in the crib. I didn’t abuse Anele, I might have been emotionally abusive at times,” he said on the podcast.
“All you guys are seeing is a broken door and it doesn’t look good on me at all. I will take that and it’s not my finest moment. Our relationship was so explosive. It can be super great and also toxic. Sometimes you do things that you are not proud of,” he continued.
AKA then opened up about how the public perceived him and made him look, saying there is always different sides to every story. 
“I understand because the aftermath of it is a tragedy. There’s also camps, there’s media, there’s her side, there is family, there is police.I think when she took her own life she also kinda took a part of my life with her. But it’s fine that was my choice, I must live with that. I wanted to make this woman my life, I have to live with that. Whatever happened, happened,” he said.
He questioned where is his justice in this entire situation. 
“I don’t know why it has taken so long. Where is my justice? because in the meantime my life is lingering and where is the court of justice?” he continued.
In closing, AKA gushed over his current woman, Nadia Nakai and said she helped build him and he is very grateful for her. 
“But God is graceful because now I’ve got an amazing woman in my life as well – who picked me up, helped rebuild me," he continued. 
In an interview with The Sowetan, Nadia spoke about her relationship with AKA and said he is a good father and someone she would like to have more kids with on future. 
“He was respectful every time I’d meet him. We never had personal issues and obviously – out of the respect for my label boss, I would refrain from socialising too much with him.
“There wasn’t a specific time that we told ourselves we were an official couple because we were just really good friends. We’d speak for long hours over the phone and share so much in common,” she said. “We didn’t plan to become a couple, it just happened… I’ve witnessed how great he is as a father, of course, I’d love to have his babies one day.”

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