Stephanie Sandows Shares Images From Her Baby Shower

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Popular South African couple Hungani and Stephanie Ndlovu had one of the most lowkey pregnancies next to Faith Nketsi and Nzuzo Njilo.
By the time the Ndlovus posted their pregnancy shoot they had already welcomed their bundle of joy and we knew nothing about it at the time. 
Now, as they take us through their journey to parenthood in retrospect, Stephanie Sandows shared images from her lovely baby shower.
She tells her fans that her loved ones couldn’t keep her baby shower a secret as she is a control freak. 
A tiny throwback to an absolutely perfect day. My ‘almost’ surprise baby shower. I say almost because I am such a control-freak, it was difficult to surprise me but my loved ones pulled it off 
The former Scandal actress also showed some love to her loved ones.
We are so blessed to have the people we have in our lives, you know yourselves; thank you for making this day so special & for allowing us to enjoy it in private; I know it was a tall order. Anyway, here are some captured moments; perhaps I’ll post more 
Stephanie Ndlovu and her husband Hungani Ndlovu confirmed the birth of their baby in a recent YouTube video.

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Stephanie first hinted that she had given birth through an Instagram post before confirming the news on their YouTube channel, The Ndlovus Uncut. 
 "Mama Getting back into the swing of things is wholeheartedly the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do but I am trying to exercise patience & kindness with myself, being present in every moment on this new journey."
 The actress was in awe over God's timing and how she felt when she was told she was pregnant.that 
 “I feel like it was God’s timing when the gynaecologist told me she thinks I’m pregnant, I then did two tests immediately and they came back positive and immediately we rushed to the gynaecologist,” said Stephanie. 
“The journey of just going up and down and sideways was so taxing. What I love about the story is what it has done for us and to us because where we were before compared to now,” added Hungani.
Hungani And Stephanie Thought About Getting A Divorce
The Youtube couple shocked many when they admitted to considering a divorce.
 "I'm sure you already saw the title and you are like huh, what's going on? I'm sure tabloids have already started writing articles," said Hungani at the beginning of their video.
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 "We decided to have this conversation based on another conversation that Patronella and I were having and subsequent about what if we were to separate, what would happen to pretty much everything that we have," Stephanie explained their thought process at the time.
Watch Hungani and Stephanie speak about getting a divorce here. 

Main Image Cred: Stephanie Sandows Instagram Account
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