Andile Mpisane's 'Marriage' Splits Mzansi in Two

How could he do this to Sithelo?

By  | Dec 18, 2021, 12:31 PM  | Andile Mpisane  | Relationships

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Mzansi has just recently woken up to the shocking news that Andile Mpisane had just proposed to one Tamia Louw, now Tamia Mpisane or as referred to by friends of the family, the new Mrs Mpisane. 

Taking to twitter the video of their engagement party has spread far and wide in Mzansi, but it seems that tweeps have refused to receive this news with the happiness and excitement it requires.

And can you blame them? For many, this news has really come as one big plot twist especially because Andile has always been linked to his baby mama DJ Sithelo Shozi.

Was it not just the other day when he surprised Sithelo with a brand new BMW? How is he again getting married to an entirely different woman?

Taking to twitter, tweeps are convinced that Mamkhize is the mastermind behind the entire event.

According to many, even Andile seems as confused as the rest of Mzansi claiming that he has simply chosen to take a back seat and watch as his life gets planned for him.

But even as Mzansi ponders on how Andile could downplay Sithelo the way he did, it seems many friends and family of the new couple are very happy about this new development.

 Many have congratulated the new couple and it seems Tamia herself is pretty excited and happy at her new found love.

Tweeps have also of course decided that they need to investigate who Tamia really is and according to many, she is only in it for the money and nothing else. They have chosen to stand in solidarity with Sithelo because she truly did not deserve it.

What do you think?

You can also imagine how quick tweeps were, to find out Tamia’s age seeing at how the age gap between Andile and Sithelo had brought Mzansi to its knees.

This was after Andile made their relationship official after he had just turned 20 only for Mzansi to realize that Sitehlo was 27 years and had started dating Andile when he was only 17 years. Crazy right?

Well, that is not all, it seems that from the very word go, Mamkhize was never in approval of Sithelo and Andile’s relationship. In fact, Shauwn had even accused Sithelo of getting preganant with Andile’s child just so she could get close to the family. 

Seeing how happy she was at the engagement of her son, well, we can only believe that she finally approves of this one right? Hectic!

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