[Watch] Andile Spoils His Baby Mama With A Fancy Ride

"She picked the bag correctly. You give a 20 year old two kids"

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DJ Sithelo Shozi and her baby daddy Andile Mpisane have once again made headlines with their #SoftLifeGoals. This follows after Andile spoiled her with a luxurious BMW and purchased himself a fancy Mercedes Benz.

Yesterday, the couple went cars shopping and caused a stir on social media. It is well known that Andile lives an opulent lifestyle and enjoys the finer things in life. When he spends his money, he makes sure that he buys expensive items that people will talk about. Hence, it was expected that he would spare no expense to spoil his baby mother.

Sithelo shared a video of herself at the BMW store collecting her brand new whip and she was beaming with excitement.

It seems though Sithelo is happy with her gift, not everyone is happy for her as straight after flaunting her new ride, Twitter users dragged her and accused Andile of cheating on her. Others said she got the correct bag. "She picked the bag correctly. You give a 20 year old two kids and boom you are happening."

Here are the reactions.

Sithelo made it clear to trolls that she will not leave her man, and she would rather fight with a lion to stay with him.
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Sithelo and Andile have been going strong for several years now. Sis is constantly dragged on social media for dating the soccer star. Tweeps often accuse her of being a paedophile and a gold digger. This is as she started dating Andile when he was apparently 17 years of age. This means that Sithelo at the time would have been 24 years old.

The couple has two bundle of joys together. It is unclear whether they are married as Sithelo recently reintroduced herself as Mrs Mpisane. This follows after her fans wanted to know more about her relationship with baby daddy Andile Mpisane. A fan called her Sithelo Mpisane and did she not jump for joy. "You got that right, I mean hello! Yes I am married, y'all better leave me alone," she laughed. She then made sexual innuendos when she added that her "stove" is at six, even the lights trip. Complimenting her dashing looks, one of them said Andile Mpisane chose well and she agreed, "I think so too."

Sithelo and her mother in law MaMkhize, now get along after she warmed up to her. Sunday World reported that Mamkhize accused Sithelo of getting pregnant to be part of their family. When the paper spoke to Shauwn about her first pregnancy, the businesswoman said she was not aware that Andile had impregnated her, claiming that he kept the soon arrival of his baby a secret. She said will only entertain Andile's wife not his girlfriend.

“Woow! I don’t know anything about Andile’s girlfriends. I can’t believe that Andile can hide something so big from me. We are very open to each other but I can’t be telling him who he must date and who he must not. Andile is still young and I can’t involve myself in his private affairs.”

“The only person I will entertain is a wife. Once he tells me ‘here is my wife mother’, I‘ll get involved. I don’t know anything about who gave birth to what and when, I really don’t know anything about being a grandmother, it’s the first time I’m hearing of such news,” she told the publication.

Surge Zirc SA reported that when Sithelo's family went to report the pregnancy as per their tradition, but Shauwn turned them down and said they must go to his ex-husband's place Sbu, in Lamontville. But she backtracked her words after her granddaughter was born. On Flo's birthday MamKhize gushed over her grandchild and expressed excitement when she walked down the stairs for the first time ever. 

"My pride and joy. Yipee our princess is walking!!! She walked down those staircases on her own and BOOM, she applauds herself understanding what she just did was a great achievement. Wearing @royalam_fc tracksuit. She really is my comfort zone, my breath of fresh air. Watching her grow has been a blessing I love you baby Flo. You are indeed a champion in my heart!!!"

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