Bohang Moeka's found love started all in the DM's

Keep your hands to yourself ladies he’s taken

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Bohang Moeko

It's no secret that Ring Of Lies actor Bohang Moeko is one attractive man and has had many women swooning over him as he makes for good eye candy ever since his first big break on Zabalaza. However, the model is not single and is happy to be with a woman who ticks all his boxes.

With today's world practically living on social media, chances are that you might find your future husband/wife on these social media streets as well - with there being multiple stories of many finding love on social media - Bohang's love story sounds like the beginning of their happily ever after.

Bohang Moeko and girlfriend

Let us officially introduce you to Bohang's girlfriend personal trainer Shanty, who seems to tick all the boxes of what Bohang says he wants in a woman:

Beautiful eyes, lips, hands and a gorgeous backside.

Bohang Moeko and girlfriend

Bohang shared their love story on Touch HD saying that before he made the first move, he had seen her on various occasions but never said a thing.

“I’ve seen her a couple of times at the the time she had a boyfriend, so now, fast forward a couple of months or a few months, I see her at pop bottles again...and then fast forward a couple of months, I see her at an audition..."

Bohang went on to add that he decided to take action as soon as he saw her on a friends Instagram story. 

"What happened was, I follow one of her friends, so I was looking at her insta story and she happened to pop up in there and I saw the peach I was like: 'hey hey hey' I went into the profile, DM’d her I was like: ‘Hey I saw you at the audition the other day'...we talked...eventually we exchanged numbers, it went to Whatsapp, we ended up training together, we went to coffee dates from there, lunch dates, movie dates..."

Bohang Moeko's girlfriend

And how cute are they on social media?

Bohang's twitter post

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