Criselda Kananda Dumps Jaguar!

The radio star is done with Jags

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:48 PM  | Criselda Kananda  | Relationships

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Criselda Kananda is on the hunt for a new car after she decided to part ways with her Jaguar. Her 10-year relationship with the British car brand came to an end this week after an emotional post on social media.

Leaving your beloved car behind as you move on to a new ride is never an easy exchange, unless you haven't particularly enjoyed the experience then it's a little bit different. This was the case for Criselda Kananda who spent over 10 years driving Jaguars but finally decided that it was time to part ways with them this week.

A not-so-emotional Criselda wrote on her Instagram page, "‪Dear @jaguarsa thank you for the wonderful memories over the past decade. For a customer that was so loyal to you, you have messed up too many times. I will forever cherish the good memories but will never forget the bad customer service and unreliable response. Check the emails ‬you never responded to. You’ve lost a once loyal customer."

After receiving this message the Jaguar team went to great lengths to try and repair their relationship with Criselda but it looked as if the damage had been done. Jaguar said in a statement to Daily Sun, "We regret the unfortunate situation and frustration experienced by Criselda Kananda. Our customers’ satisfaction remains a priority.  Jaguar Land Rover has been in contact with Ms Kananda to resolve the situation."
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Unfortunately for the brand, they were dragged a number of times in Criselda's comments by Jaguar owners who agreed that the service was sub-par from the car brand. A number of other followers claimed to have had bad experiences with the F-Type model in particular.

In the meantime, Criselda is already fantasizing about a Bentley as her next car and we wouldn't blame her for joining the Bentley Bandwagon! She'd be in pretty rich company too; Euphonik drives a Bentley while Cassper Nyovest owns two!

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