Stephanie And Hungani Ndlovu's Big Announcement

Congratulations are in order

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Congratulations are in order for the popular YouTube couple and actors Stephanie and Hungani Ndlovu.

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The pair took to their social media platforms to share that they have made it into the class of 2022 YouTube Black Voices Fund.

"Beyond proud to announce that we are part of the #YouTubeBlack Voices Fund class of 2022, which elevates Black voices and Black creators on Youtube," Stephanie shared the exciting news on Instagram.

The actress said this is a huge achievement for them and they couldn’t have made it without the love and support from their fans.

Also sharing his excitement, The former Scandal star Hungani Ndlovu explained what this huge achievement means to them.

He wrote, "This means, our channel is about to grow and become even better than it is!!! Shoutout to @youtube for seeing us and choosing to support us on this journey!!! #thendlovugang"
As they celebrate the big news, the pair also announced that they are celebrating their 2nd year on YouTube.

 "What a way to celebrate our 2nd year anniversary on YouTube…" Stephanie said.

Hungani and Stephanie tied a knot in 2020. Speaking about their wedding, Stephanie said it was a last-minute thing.

"First of all, I went shopping for my wedding dress. Literally, in less than two weeks before the wedding.” It was a very, I wouldn’t say a last-minute thing, but I wasn’t too stressed about the wedding dress.” she revealed on their YouTube channel.

She said she wanted something simple and she took long before looking for a dress, " I never thought that I was that person who wants a dress specifically made for me. I’m okay if I’m not the only one in the world who has this specific design of the dress."

She also opened up about how she juggles marriage and her career, "It can get a little crazy at times but I try and schedule everything in, including spending time with my family. It is after all the nature of being in this industry. Fortunately for me, my husband is in the same industry, so he understands that things can get a little busy." Stephanie told True Love

Earlier this week she penned a lengthy letter on Instagram showing support to her husband.

Stephanie said she is proud of the work that her husband has been doing fighting Gender-Based Violence (GBV). She said it hasn't been easy for Hungani but he never gave up.

"I am so unbelievably proud of you and the work you do together with the @matrixmensa team. Despite criticism & backlash (as though GBV is some kind of competition, the term in & of itself includes men AND women), you push through. 

"You courageously have those ‘uncomfortable’ conversations, you continue to shine a light on conversations that are somehow, STILL not being spoken about enough."

Stephanie also acknowledged the change that her husband is bringing into society saying she will always support him. She wrote, "Broken men walking around, ashamed to ask for help because that makes them less of a ‘man’, weak, unattractive… And yet, that is the very reason society stands as it stands. I know you’ve wanted to quit many times because it seems like nothing is happening- but continue on; you guys are changing lives, you ARE building better men. And we stand behind you.

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