Nonkanyiso Dragged By Her Father!

Allegedly she hasn't visited home since 2018.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:48 PM  | Jacob Zuma  | Relationships

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These days, drama seems to be following Nonkanyiso Conco around. This time, it is her father who is aggressively shaking up her world with shocking accusations.

Jacob Zuma's Fiancée, Nonkanyiso Conco is being accused of cutting all lines of contact with the Conco side of her family. Her father, Fartesque Conco maintained that there's no love lost from his end - however he advised his daughter to reconsider her actions, or else she runs the risk of having to endure the wrath of the ancestors.

The disgruntled 91-year-old spoke candidly to Isolezwe: "Nothing will ever go accordingly for Nonkanyiso, she must come back home and humble herself. I always pray about this."

"Even when I was admitted in hospital, she never bothered to check up on me."

Nonkanyiso's widely publicised relationship with former statesman, Jacob Zuma was also a worrying factor for Mr Conco.

According Sunday Sun, Fartesque alleged that the Zumas paid lobolo (dowry) to Nonka's maternal family - this act contradicts the lobolo procedure in the Zulu culture.

As it is known that, the lobolo is usually forwarded towards the bride's paternal family.

"My only sin was to ask Zuma to come to me as her dad when he wanted to pay ilobolo and for impregnating my daughter. He never did."

"Instead,  he went behind my back and paid lobola to Nonka's biological mother, who lives in the Eastern Cape."

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