3 Years Of Bliss For Junior De Rocka And His Bae

Trolls drag Ntando into the anniversary celebration post

By  | Jan 24, 2021, 08:23 AM  | Junior De Rocka  | Relationships

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Junior De Rocka and his bae Asanda Minaj are celebrating three years of dating! These two have this thing on lock and fans are excited to witness it. Taking to Instagram the Durban DJ has sent his beautiful girlfriend a sweet anniversary shoutout.

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"3 years later I still choose you. Happy Anniversary my love," the beautiful message said, to which Asanda replied with a simple "I love you."

What raised some people's eyebrows however is the fact that they have been dating for three years. Sbahle Mzizi, he and Ntando Duma's daughter, is also a three year old beautiful baby girl.

Comments such as, "what about Sbahle's mom" sparked a whole debate on what really happened between them, with other's wishing they would get back together.

It is no secret that Ntando and Juniors relationship ended abruptly when Ntando had just given birth to their baby girl. Rumour has it that Asanda and Junior started dating when he and Ntando were an item. However The Queen actress never kept it a secret that Junior used to cheat on her.

She also escalated things when she took jabs at him all over social media and even called him a dead beat dad. Junior followed up with a long message on Facebook refuting Ntando's allegations calling them false and malicious. The DJ then posted screenshots of all the times he's paid child maintenance for their daughter.

Ntando also said Junior used to beat her up when she was only two months pregnant. Ntando revealed that Junior beat her up after she found him in bed with another woman.

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After all was said and done, they made amends for the sake of their daughter Sbahle. The co-parents re-united again for their daughter's birthday celebration, showing that there is no bad blood between them.

The actress who is a betrothed woman caused a stir once again last year when she commented on Junior's post where he gushes over his bae.

Gushing over Asanda on her birthday, Junior expressed how blessed and happy he is to have her in his life, "I wish you to understand how powerful and amazing you are. You’ve been such a great partner, words can’t describe it. I love you & hope you have an amazing day."

Ntando caused a stir when she commented on the very same post when she said, "Happy birthday to your Queen," along with a heart emoji.

She got called to order by many people who did not approve of her meddling in baby daddy's relationship.

Despite the trolling, we wish the lovely couple many more years together!

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