Katlego's Ex Monique Has Moved On!

But wait, it seems as though she is back with an old flame

By  | Nov 10, 2021, 08:09 AM  | Katlego Maboe  | Relationships

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Whilst her friend is fighting her battles for her on social media, Monique Muller is busy flaunting her 'new bae' and sis is smitten. Monique and Katlego's drama took the spotlight again over the past few days when Maboe's friend took to Twitter and spilled the beans on their toxic relationship.

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Maboe's friend whose real name is reportedly Sipeto Loyiso Ganca, wrote a lengthy Twitter thread and accused Monique of being possessive and controlling as she was apparently driven by jealousy. 

With the spotlight being thrust at her once again, Monique decided to use it for her own gains and let the people know that she has moved on. When she posted pictures of her and her bae, she let people know that she is very happy, “She’s happy…Now leave her alone lol,” she said as quoted by City Press.

It seems as though Monique has gone back to her old flame from 2016 but did not show his face. In one of the pics, she decided to show her man but not his face because people can be nosy sometimes. "Because y'all are so nosy, here's a throwback of us in 2016. That's all you're getting."

She then posted another picture of them together in 2021 and Monique is kissing his cheeks.
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Monique and Katlego had their son in 2018 and according to Volo, his friend, they were knee deep in their problems. Apparently Katlego might have not gotten the chance to be a father to his son as Monique allegedly threatened to cut him off from his life.

"By the time Kat met his former partner, I was back in Cape Town & he was incredibly excited about it. As his friend, I was excited for him too. It was not long before we were all hanging out & partying together as we do... many of us as his friends could see the writing on the wall. So when we were told he was expecting his first child, we were not shocked. Nor were we happy for him. Which is sad to admit," he said.

He alleged that Monique was toxic and possessive over Katlego and very controlling as well, "On one occasion he did reach out & we went to Hudsons in Parkhurst. I remember watching him looking over his shoulder at the time. And when I asked him why, he showed me the text messages. His partner was threatening to fly over to JHB & show up where he was. I tried to tell him that it wasn't possible. The fear he felt didn't understand logic."

But Monique's camp was not sitting folding hands as her friend Caldine Wyngaard came to her defense and said, "You are right. This is all the Truth from your perspective. YOU hadn't been in Kat's home for more than 2 years. You hadn't been around them with their child & you certainly had not been around when the police came to remove him from their house because of domestic violence."

They continued their back and forth with Maboe's friend telling them to stop their smear campaign. But Monique's friend said she will not fold hands and watch and "abuser" get pardoned.

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