Khanya Mkhangisa gets candid about her relationship with Boity

Khanya opens up 

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Khanya Mkangisa  | Relationships

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Boity Thulo and Khanya Mkangisa

Boity Thulo and Khanya Mkangisa's relationship spans as far beyond their portfolios as actresses, and although they might have met in the entertainment industry, Mkangisa insists that their friendship goes far beyond the limelight.

From serving friendship goals to both them both successfully solidifying their stardom, the two ZAlebs friendship first sparked at an audition.

“When we started being friends, for the most part, we met at an audition, so we’ve always been competing with each other like that, but not as friends, so I feel like that’s when our friendship developed and we were like: “Well we like each other, you’re cute, we cute, we have chemistry beyond the industry..." she said in a recent interview on Trending SA.

Mkangisa went on to reveal that the two of them became best friends before they had established their friendship after they paired themselves together as their brief required two best friends.

“And the first job she booked in the industry, I always say it was because of me...we were both in an audition line, and they were like; “We just need best friends, there’s no script, just go in together, so I grabbed her...and we improvised and got the job, so we were on set together, it was our first acting job, we killed it and from then on, it kind of established the grounds of our relationship.."


Like most friendships, Khanya says that she and Boity tend to bump heads a lot as they both have similar backgrounds, but it all still comes down to love.

“Her and I fight a lot, she’s an only child, I’m an only child, so you can imagine, and we’re very similar, even though we’re very different we’re very similar, so we fight a lot. So it’s not to say that everything is hunky dory I’d be like: “Girl bye,” she added.

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