3 Years Of Marital Bliss For Kwesta And Yolanda

The couple is still goin strong

By  | Mar 22, 2022, 12:04 PM  | Kwesta  | Relationships

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One of our favourite ZAleb couples is celebrating three years of tying the knot today. Kwesta and Yolanda Vilakazi are couple goals in everything they do and it's only fair that we too celebrate them.

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The couple has been together for almost 12 years and share two children, daughters Khai Asemahle Vilakazi and Kenya Elihle Vilakazi. Taking to Instagram to celebrate their union, Yolanda shared  throwback video from their special day and wedding photo.

A few weeks ago she even assured him that she has his back through thick and thin.

When they celebrated their 11th year together, Kwesta did acknowledge that people view them as couple goals, but said they are just an ordinary couple. Like many couples, they too go through hardships  but they maintain that they work though them together.

"We are not goals. Like everyone, we take small strides each day to try and reach those  together. There has been joy, pain, love, gratitude, disappointment, love, gains, losses, love. Katlehong, Maldives, love, kisses, voetseks, love, strength, fear, love, good hair days and that thing on my head ... And then love once again ... Then we try grow that, grow us," he said at the time.

When Yolanda announced baby number two, she expressed her gratitude for being entrusted with the task of raising these girls, "As we celebrate a decade of love and being together, God chose us and trusted us with another beautiful blessing that is half of me and half of my love. We are so excited and thankful for this miracle," Yolanda said.

Speaking to Drum about their relationship in a much deeper way, Kwesta said they are best of friends. This helps them navigate life and become the best parents to their daughters.

“Before anything, we’re best friends. I don’t think this life and parenting thing would come so naturally had it not been for our friendship and love,” he told the publication.

Yolanda also spoke so fondly of her husband and said, “We don’t really live by anyone’s standards but ours. As long as we’re happy and our daughter is happy.”

Speaking of happy couples, K Naomi recently tied the knot to her hubby Tshepo after welcoming their baby together. They had a star studded traditional wedding when they said their I Do's.

Before, that, Naomi gushed over her hubby when they celebrated his birthday. Tshepo showed her what princess treatment is and she shared that with her fans, “I remember my fiancé saying this: 'Someday when you want to, and you feel my vibe, I will show you how a queen is meant to be treated...'This was before we even started dating and I didn’t want to give him time of day. You’ve done exactly that from the day 1,” she said in a previous post.

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