Is Nandi Madida Really That Old?

Tweeps can't get over her real age

By  | Feb 26, 2022, 09:19 AM  | Nandi Madida  | Relationships

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Media personality Nandi Madida recently took to her Twitter to reveal that she will be celebrating her birthday in the next coming weeks and her fans have since taken to wishing her a happy birthday in advance. 

But what has had tweeps in shock is when she revealed that she will be turning 34 in a few days time. According to them, they had imagined that she was really that old when she looks like she is still in her 20’s!

And in truth, looking at Nandi, one would not think that she was in her 30’s at all. She is a beauty and she has managed to stay young and fetch her body despite being a mother of two beautiful children. 

Her fans have not delayed in giving her her flowers and have even gone ahead to sing praises to her husband Zakes Bantwini, saying that he had done a great job in ensuring that his wife remains as beautiful as ever and we love to see it. 

Still, the overall sentiment is that she looks more beautiful than ever and they cannot wait to see how life will be treating her moving forward. 

It was just the other day when Nandi also took to Twitter to defend her husband. This was after tweeps had trolled Zakes for a tweet that he had written about how South Africa was suffering because of load shedding. 

She blasted the platform for being toxic and for dismissing such an important issue that is seemingly claiming the lives of many people in the country. It is always so nice to see these lovebirds continue to prove that they were really made for each other. 

There is no doubt that Nandi and her beautiful family are always leaving our timelines green with envy. Fans can never seem to get over that one time the singer announced that she had gifted her then 5 year old son a piece of land, and that she was even building a farm for him for when he grew up. This was his 1 year birthday gift. 

"Last year I bought my son some land as his first bday gift and have begun building a farm for him, which he will then hand down to his kids and so on. As you know I rarely show material things on my page, but this was a very proud moment for me as his mother because this is a legacy that will last for many generations to come…”

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