Nandi Madida On Her Husband: "I Freaken Love That Guy"

She revealed to Mac G that she only dated 2 guys before meeting Zakes

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The talented and gorgeous Nandi Madida was the latest guest on Mac G's popular podcast, Podcast and Chill. She touched on everything including how blessed she is to have achieved all that she has achieved this year during a pandemic. From meeting Beyoncé and featuring on her Black Is King project, to her interactions with famous American celebrities and lastly her relationship with her husband, Zakes Bantwini.

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The 'Say you will' hitmaker also touched on the marriage contract and the Amaru legal lawsuit. She reiterated that she has no desires about talking about her private life to a certain extent.

Madida revealed that she never wanted to date industry people because they would have been insecure. She revealed that she only dated 2 guys before meeting her husband and that her last ex was a chartered accountant.

Nandi and Mac G agreed in unison that Nandi scored the jackpot when she met Zakes Bantwini saying he is a very cool guy. Mac G pointed out that men in the industry are full of "sh**t" and that Zakes is one of the few good industry men left.

"I met Zakes at the SAMA nomination party...and I remember he came a bit too hard. He was like I think you are so beautiful." To which Nandi responded by saying "I love your music. I said to him you're a genius at making music."

Nandi then said Zakes asked for her number then she responded by saying 'No' because of the Joburg culture which has chancers. But a mutual friend encouraged her to give him her number but because she wanted to work with him since the beginning of her career, she gave it to him.

She said it took a while before they dated and they started off as friends. Nandi added that he came to her life at the right time and showed her the ropes.

Nandi realised that he was the one when she found out how caring he is. The two joked around when Nandi revealed Zakes wasn't her first sexual partner but he was her best.

The Black Is King actress then spoke about the much talked about marriage contract change. She said that she has dreams and aspirations out side the country and if they had to travel, she doesn't want to continuously consult Zakes all the time.

She also added that when they got married they thought they signed out of community of property but it turns out they did not. She laughed off the insinuations that they are getting divorced which most publications wrote about. Nandi and her husband are happy that they are married and they do not have to share anything and that they are not in it for each other's money.

The decision was made based on their love for each other, nothing more.

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