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It's official! Terry and Vyno find love outside the house

By  | Mar 31, 2022, 12:03 PM  | Relationships

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They might not have stayed long enough in the Big Brother house to win the grand prize, but they found something worth cherishing, their love! Terry Treasure and Vyno Miller are officially a couple.

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Terry Treasure was evicted from the Big Brother house last Sunday a long with three other housemates, Sis Tamara and Thato Mokoena.

She was a guest on Home ground where she spoke about her relationship with Vyno which many might have thought was a strategy to win the money. But, it seems theirs was beyond the house as she confirmed that they are a couple.

Host Minnie Dlamini asked her about their relationship, "Terry, you were dating Vyno, he's already out. Have you spoken to him since?"

She answered by saying they spoke on Monday, 28 March and officially became a couple. 

"I actually spoke to him for the first time today, there was a moment I felt like a high schooler all over again. But then yeah, we made it official today."

They then went public the next day where Terry posted a video surprising his bae in bed with gifts including champagne.

Terry plans big things for herself thanks to the exposure from Big Brother. She said she wants to grow her OnlyFans account. She started this account to be able to provide for her family.

“The moment people find out you have such an account they have all these views and they never really ask you the direction you’re headed or what it is you’re doing with an account like that. So, I saw it as a moment to teach people about it – and in me doing so, I think I did myself enough justice,” she said as quoted by SMag.

Terry wants to make this a lucrative career as she said she will be going to school to take on yoga classes.

“Now that I am out of the competition, I plan to go back to school to become a professional yoga instructor so that I can incorporate that in my OnlyFans and I plan to expand on sexual wellness education in the industry.”

She also spoke about Vyno, “Yes, Vyno is my boyfriend, we are in a relationship and I cannot wait to see what he and I pursue outside the house. I haven’t been able to see him since he left the house weeks ago… but he’s definitely one of the first people I will contact when I get access to my phone.”

She then gushed about him, “I like how he’s very chilled and I’m extroverted, he helps me to calm down, we balance each other out. I really like the dynamic between the two of us.”

Vyno also spoke about his boo Terry, at the time he got evicted and said he cannot wait to reconnect with her.

“What me and Terry share is a beautiful little thing that’s very exciting. It’s a fling that I want to keep alive. Me and her recently spoke and we plan to pursue whatever we have outside the Big Brother house when she comes out," Vyno said as quoted by SMag.

“We are very similar in many ways. We are also in the same industry, which is a bonus. I remember briefly meeting Terry for the first time. This was before the pandemic. She says I was very rude to her but usually people assume that because I am quiet and don’t ordinarily like to speak, therefore I come across as mean or rude.”

Remaining in the house is the top 5; Themba, Tulz, Libo, Mphowabadimo and Gash1.

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