"Pearl And I Are Fine"

Zinhle on the ups and downs in her relationship with Pearl

By  | Aug 07, 2022, 05:44 PM  | Pearl Thusi  | Relationships

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Fans have been speculating that DJ Zinhle and Pearl Thusi are no longer friends and have been at loggerheads since they stopped posting pictures of each other. But they both only recently debunked these claims on separate platforms.

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In a recent interview with SMag, DJ Zinhle said they are both fine but admitted that they have their differences. 

“Pearl and I are fine… we have an everlasting sisterhood. Much like every relationship has its ups and downs, we go through that as well. We are at a point in our lives where we don’t have to explain ourselves to people as long as we’re accountable to each other and our friendship,” Zinhle told the publication.

They have been ridiculed on social media and they both trend for all the wrong reasons. But, DJ Zinhle has been receiving it very hard on social media, especially on Twitter.

She reached a breaking point and lashed out at her trolls but the trolling did not end there.

"Sad thing about half the people trolling me here is that they’ll one day work for me & I won’t even know I’ve hired devils. Curious to see what they are building toward… can’t be fun talking & trolling people every day… Surely it must be so sad to be so insignificant, that all you do is talk about other people."

"If I tweeted about someone and got the most reaction I’ve ever gotten, I would also tweet about that person daily. Some of it, like that post about Nadia & I is sooooooo desperate, anything to tweet about me & my family. Disgusting!!!!"

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She told the publication that she does not handle the bullying too well.

"Firstly, people don’t think about how badly their comments can affect me, Kiernan, Bongani or even Nadia... It’s a conversation that’s happening in real-time and if people choose to ridicule how I am co-parenting and who I choose to embrace in my life as a bad thing, then we are going nowhere as black people.

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"Instead of taking black people forward, we are holding them [back] for the sake of "black Twitter", which is predominantly about mocking people and sensationalism. Something as positive as two women having mutual respect should be seen as a good example and not expect bad intentions. They should see the value in getting along and not look out for how bad it is."

Pearl Thusi also addressed this a few weeks ago, "Guys - Zee and I are still very much friends. Can this nonsense stop now."

In the first episode of her reality show, Zinhle revealed she is married, “Bongani and his family came to my mom’s house to negotiate lobola. And we decided that it should be a small thing, with just family,” she added.

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