Zola Opens Up About Her Son

She and Prince Kaybee welcomed their first child together

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First time mother Zola ZeeLovin, real name Ayabulela Mhlongo, is trying to get back on her feet after welcoming her baby boy in October - but she is in no rush.

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Speaking to Daily Sun, the TV presenter said she is trying to balance motherhood with work, without taking away from either.

“Motherhood is amazing but it’s also challenging. I’ve been working hard at making sure that I balance motherhood and my career. I want to remain as ambitious as I was and reach my goals. I don’t want to forget myself and I’m trying to balance that with being a mother,” she told the paper.

Trying to not fall into the trap of depression, Zola said she asks for help as often as possible and also is working hard to lose the baby weight, by hitting the gym.

A few days ago, Zola spoke in depth about postpartum depression and said it is important to stay grounded because mothers can lose themselves at times. "I promised myself a self-care journey after giving birth, simply because the journey of parenting is not easy and you forget about yourself so easily," she wrote.

"Postpartum depression is real with all the life changes a mother goes through, and let me not even start with the waves of exhaustion I've been experiencing. So I am actively going to fetch my life."

Prince Kaybee on the other hand is also in his feels after introducing a new born baby too. He said babies take away all the attention, "New born babies take all the attention…"

Without saying much, Zola revealed that she had finally given birth to her baby, "I'm so proud of myself. Expressing has not been easy, quiet frankly it has been so sore and so frustrating at times. But I've been taking it a day at a time, and there is a lot of progress," she said.

You can tell that she was very excited to become a mother when she gushed over her mother's influence, "My Greatest Gift. God has awarded me the opportunity to move into the next phase of my life. I AM A YUMMY MUMMY. Being your mother has been the most sacred duty I have ever taken on. My child you are the epitome of love. We haven't even met you yet but you have already changed so much in our lives. For that we are truly blessed...We cannot wait to meet you. Your every kick ignites a wealth of love and joy in my heart. God is faithful."

Sharing the same sentiments as them is DJ Zinhle who also had a newborn in her home.

She spoke about how she balances her two daughters Kairo and Asante, "I think it's an adjustment for all of us, yesterday we literally had to have a mommy and me spa day without the baby, because she is feeling a bit neglected. I have to think of everything now, if I am buying this for Asante I have to think of Kairo. And naturally I am geared to take care of Asante because she is so small. But I had to really say I have two kids, you have to attend to both and I have help luckily.

"She's doing very well she loves her sister, she just thinks the baby is boring which is true, but she loves her," Zinhle laughed.

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