Shona Ferguson married Connie two months after meeting her? Wow!

When you know, you just know! 

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:46 PM  | Shona Ferguson  | Relationships

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Shona Married Connie Ferguson within two months

Shona and Connie Ferguson are #CoupleGoals for a number of reasons but an excerpt from their feature in the latest issue of Destiny Magazine just added another reason for us to love them so much. 

The excerpt, shared on the publication's Facebook page, shared the little-known fact that Shona married Connie two months after meeting her. 

While many say that was very quick, we believe it was just a case of "when you know, you just know." 

Almost two decades later, the couple are still going strong. In addition to having a marriage that has half of the SADC region swooning, the couple has two children, one grandchild and a booming business based on their shared love for the film and television industry. 

Another thing that has people talking about this cover is how great Connie's hair looks!

The natural, curly do is the work of Bomzi Zee Lekgoro of Lajawi Hair. 

Bomzi was very lucky to have pulled this off because Connie is apparently not a fan of too many people touching/styling her hair - which explains why she has managed to keep it so luscious and full after all these years. 

Can anyone say 'HAIRLINE ON FLEEK!'

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