Big Zulu Was Found Shaking In His Boots

This is what happens when being a fan turns into being a stan

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Rapper Big Zulu was found shaking in his boots following what a fan has posted on Twitter that has got the streets talking. Fanning is one thing but to be a stan involves doing a whole lot for your favorite celebrities.

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Big Zulu is still in complete awe and lost for words following what a fan has shown him on Twitter. Twitter is abuzz over the picture that has been posted by this gentleman who is clearly at the barber doing his hair. Of course there is absolutely nothing wrong with this gentleman doing his hair. However, there is everything wrong since this he is getting Big Zulu's face on his head.

The gentleman who has clearly shown that he is one of Big Zulu's fan has taken to Twitter to shock not only tweeps but even Big Zulu is in complete disbelief for what this fan is getting on his head. Obviously, the barber has some mad skills to carve out Big Zulu's face on this gentleman's head but those were the instructions given by the the obsessed fan.
The very shocked and amazed Big Zulu was lost for words to describe how he feels after seeing this gentleman getting his face as a haircut. Retweeting the tweet of this gentleman, Big Zulu failed to even construct a sentence as an expression of how he feels. Instead, he wrote four letter words which did not even have any meaning but expresses shock and disbelief.

"aybo yey angaz nokuth" wrote Big Zulu
Big Zulu is not the only one who is shocked beyond belief, tweeps were also shook for days at what they have just witnessed while this gentleman is getting a whole Big Zulu's face on his head. Funny thing is, the picture carved on this gentleman's head does exactly looks like Big Zulu, which could the reason why Big Zulu himself is in disbelief.

Taking under comments, tweeps have really complimented the barber for a stellar job. However, they have thrown jabs while laughing out loud at the obviously obsessed stan of Big Zulu for getting this type of haircut.
Just recently Big Zulu was in loggerheads with Intaba Yase Dubai over financial woes that were claiming that Big Zulu and Inkabi Records was owing Intaba Yase Dubai. Later on, after Big Zulu came forth with information to save his name and reputation. It was then revealed that Ambitiouz Records was the one who dealt Intaba Yase Dubai a bad card.

Intaba Yase Dubai was signed under Ambitiouz Records and they are the ones who played him a wrong hand. Inkabi yase Dubai even issued a statement later on, saying he was quitting music because of the bad experience he has gone through. However Big Zulu and Inkabi Records were exonerated eventually.

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