Tol A$$ Mo on the important role Mome plays in boosting his confidence

The comedian has shared that he has not always been that confident about himself, especially when it comes to his performances.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:45 PM  | Tol A$$ Mo  | Relationships

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But because of Mome he has been able to get over his insecurities and go out there and do what he does best.

During a recent interview, the comedian spoke about the common challenges he faces as an individual and one of those challenges involved his lack of will-power. 

"I did a SWOT analysis of myself and my main problem is will-power, sometimes will-power is not something everyone is born with, it's something that you exercise and you make strong. My thing is that I seek validation all the time, I always seek validation from my wife or my peers and from fans."

So in order for Mo to gain that will-power, he always speaks to his wife first, especially before a performance.

 "So I do need my wife all the time before I come to a joint I talk to her and I ask her if she's sure if I can do this thing and she calms me down and informs me that I can do it and that I've been doing this for a long time. So when I get that validation and encouragement from her I feel ok, I feel like I can go in and do it, not everyone has got that natural confidence sometimes you need that person who's going to be there and activate it for you and she's my confidence activator." Said Mo

In 2012 the couple had a successful reality show titled - Mo Love which was a depiction of their everyday life together as a married couple. The show ran for a few seasons but came to an abrupt halt. When asked if they would want to have another reality show, the couple mentioned that this time around it would be tricky as there are certain things they would not want the whole world to see and that they now have a family to take into consideration.

Tol Ass Mo and Mome

"In terms of the show, we'd bring it back for the people just to experience Khumo's life (their daughter) but for me right now it's a bit tricky. I think I grew up doing this reality thing and right now where I'm at, there are certain things that I am not comfortable with exposing to the world and also now it's a whole family it's not just us, we have a family to protect." Said Mome.

The couple also added that if they did the reality show again they would love to own it but it's become very challenging to own your own content idea in the industry they're in.

"We do want to own it but it's so difficult in South Africa to do so because channels don't give you licensing rights, you come up with the idea, you pitch it and then they own your idea." Said Mo.

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