JR and Tshepi Vundla are the cutest

In love and hip hop these two are slowly but surely becoming our favourite celebrity couple.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:45 PM  | Tshepi Vundla  | Relationships

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Tshepi Vundla

Just like Reason & Lootlove, Slikour & Melisa, rapper, and music producer -JR and his lady Tshepi Vundla always seem to warm our hearts every time they show love and appreciation for each other, especially on public domains.

The couple, last year and even in the earlier months of this year were very secretive about their relationship. Tshepi's snap chat videos, the would vaguely show the identity of her boyfriend but throughout the months, she has shown a lot of appreciation and love for her man.

Tshepi 2

The same applies with JR who also wouldn't divulge much about his relationship status as he's always been about the music and nothing else.


But of late, the musician cannot contain how much he really digs Tshepi as well.

JR& Tshepi

Since every other rapper is mentioning their girlfriends in their lyrics, will JR be sending a shout out to Tshepi in one of his songs as well? We hope so.

Love wins again people!

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@TshepiVundla

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