The type of men Zandi Nhlapo is into

She's looking for a different type of man.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Zandi Nhlapo  | Relationships

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Zandi Nhlapo

It all started when Somizi asked the former SABC 1 continuity presenter about the whereabouts of her Valentine's date during an episode of Living The Dream with Somizi 

The gorgeous former presenter looked extremely shy and requested for Somizi not to ask her such questions as it was a dry season for her in the love department.

Then Somizi went on to say that life is just not fair for pretty girls when it comes to relationships.

"Life is not fair, just look how beautiful you are but you don't have a boyfriend. These pretty girls, marriage is scarce for them. Look at Zandi's face, she's pretty, she's gorgeous, she's intelligent but dololo indoda."

This comment hit home for a few female viewers who were watching.


The two media personalities who've been friends for years then spoke about the type of men Zandi would be into.

Zandi mentioned that Somizi should hook her up with the salt & pepper type of men, grown men. 

Then someone suggested that Zandi change her criteria and hook up with a Ben 10. Zandi declined that suggestion.

Somizi then joked and said that Zandi actually needs a man who is about to die.

"She needs an old man who's rich, they date now, 3 months later, he puts her in his will, 4 months later he passes on and she lives happily ever after."

Hopefully, Zandi will find her salt & pepper man soon.

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@ZandisileNhlapo

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