There's A Looming Relationship On The Queen

Vuyiswa's mourning period is over...

By  | Feb 10, 2021, 02:47 PM  | Zandile Msutwana  | Relationships

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Vuyiswa played by Zandile Msutwana will be hopping from one captain to another on The Queen as she and Hector played by Rapulana Seiphemo are going to develop feelings for one another.
The death of Jerry Maake which was played by Shona Ferguson has hit Vuyiswa hard. She’s coming to terms with it, trying to live without him and will struggle to move on, as expected.

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Over the next few days we’ll see Vuyiswa and Hector Sebata played by Rapulana Seiphemo fall in love with each other. Hector may have already fallen for Detective Maake, while Vuyiswa will only realise this later on.
We know that Hector is the one who accidently killed Jerry Maake and pinned his murder on Jaros, played by Kenneth Nkosi. Jaros was also killed by Hector before he could confess the truth to Vuyiswa. Hector killed Kea Khoza instead of killing Harriet Khoza, who is his rival!
The beginning of Vuyiswa and Hector’s relationship will be the beginning of the end for Hector as the relationship is doomed from the start.
Vuyiswa will eventually know the truth of what really happened to her late husband once she gets involved with Hector. 
We are going to see Vuyiswa and Hector connecting over Jerry’s death. Hector will fall deeply for her and she will find comfort in him, but will never love him as she did Jerry because Jerry was her soulmate.
 Hector will fall for Vuyiswa’s vulnerability and good heart..she’s the opposite of who he is and will get protective and drawn to her.
While he’s meant to protect the community, he’s also harming it because he’s a drug dealer like the Khoza’s. 
Getting into  a relationship with Vuyiswa might change him for the better, he will be conflicted and develop a conscious…but will he change for good or is it an act to please the woman he’s fallen for?
What will happen when Vuyiswa finds out that the man she’s in a relationship with, killed her soul mate?
We know that Rapulana Seiphemo is re-joining the cast of Generations The Legacy in the next season…
However his relationship with Vuyiswa doesn’t necessarily mean that his character might be doomed on The Queen because he replaced Jerry Maake whose character ran out of storylines.
They replaced Shona Ferguson because they wanted Harriet to have an enemy who’s her equal and has more advantages.
Watch Vuyiswa and Hector fall in love this Valentine’s day on The Queen!

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