Zola Nombola and Thomas Gumede tied the knot?

Reportedly, the love birds are officially Mr and Mrs

By  | Jan 20, 2023, 01:09 PM  | Zola Nombona  | Relationships

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Former Generations: The Legacy actress Zola Nombola and her boyfriend and baby father have been reportedly to have tied the knot. This comes after Zola Nombola's recent interview on Kaya Fm with Dineo Ranaka and Sol Phenduka's breakfast show.

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If there is one thing both Zola Nombola and Thomas Gumede have managed was to keep their relationship very private. Even after they gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. However, the paid have kept it on a down low for the longest time.

Both working in the acting and television industry, Zola Nombola and Thomas Gumede knows how to play their cards very close to their chest and they do it very well. However, Nombola bared in all on Kaya FM's breakfast show with Dineo Ranaka and Sol Phenduka.

According to Mgosi, it wasn't until Ranaka asked Zola Nombola about the married life that scores of people got to learn that both Zola Nombola and Thomas Gumede are finally Mrs and Mr Gumede.

“Yhu… it’s up and down chomi… It’s four seasons in a day,” she remarked before adding, “It’s great, it’s great. I absolutely love Thomas and he’s an amazing partner and an amazing dad,” said Zola Nombona.

No doubt, being in the very demanding acting and TV industry, both Zola Nombola and Thomas Gumede have their hands full having to juggle between work and taking care of their son, Cebelihle. However, speaking about the undivided support she has to give her husband, on top of her busy schedule. Nombola is truly a dedicated wife, mother and as well as an a great actress.

“Lately it has escalated and I have learned to support him. It’s not easy because I and he are in the same industry so there are conversations that we have and I am like yoh! what about me? When are you plugging me? However, I understand that success or being busy is a circle thing, and had my chance maybe I am just chilling in the waiting room now but by being patient while I am there I know that my time is going to come,” added Zola Nombola

Indeed, Zola Nombola is booked and busy as recently she joined the Foschini family for a one of its kind personalized ambassadorship that commemorated the actress's upbringing and mixed it with the modern style of today, the Buyel'ekhaya clothing range.

Buyel'ekhaya My dream has come full circle. From the little girl in Matatiele with a big dream to watching it come true. I am proud to announce that I am the #Foschini brand ambassador!! Im honored to carry the heritage of a brand that I love @FoschiniSA #FoschinixZola" wrote Zola Nombola
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