Sole Survivor Of Mpura And Killer Kau's Accident Speaks Up

She recalls events leading up to the accident and fake reports about her demise

By  | Mar 31, 2022, 04:35 PM 

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It’s been more than 7 months since Mpura, Killer Kau, Khanya “The Voice” Hadebe, DJ Thando Thot and TD, died in a highly publicized car accident.

The artists tragically away on 7 August 2021, while they were traveling en route to a concert in Rustenburg. Shortly after they met their demise, reports claimed no one had survived the accident, but someone did in face survive it.

A sole survivor of the accident, Peloyame Segatle recently sat down with Kelebogile Mabotja on Unpacked with Relebogile Mabotja, where she recalled all the events leading up to the accident.

Peloyame said she was friends with The Voice, who was also in the car-crash. She revealed that she met The Voice at the Great Dane club Johannesburg, and they instantly became friends. Segatle said she didn't know that The Voice was a well known DJ, and she found out at a later stage.

One day, she received a phone call from The Voice, telling her that he had several gigs to attend and invited her along with him. Little did she know her life would change for the worse.

He told her that she should pack clothes for 2 days. On the day, he requested an Uber to pick her up at her place to his apartment. When she arrived at his apartment, they left for the first gig which was in Pretoria.

She said at the time it was the two of them and Mpura. Segatle said after the gig they headed to the second one in Rustenburg. They were then joined by Tahndo and TD.

She said as they were travelling they were having fu and what she recalls was her telling The Voice she wanted to sleep. The Voice then told her that he would wake her up when they arrived at the destination, but unfortunately The Voice and the other occupants met their demise along the way .

“We were making jokes and singing along in the car, then eventually I told Voice that I’m tired and I wanna sleep. Then he said I could sleep on his shoulder and he’ll wake me up when we arrive at our next destination. Then I fell asleep," she said

When asked what recalled after that she said, “I woke up in ICU”. Segatle said she was in ICU for a month and she did not know what had happened to her. 

“I remember there was a day when a nurse came to give me my food and medication for the day, but the doctors quickly called her to check something. So she left, but because she left so quickly, she forgot her phone [on] my bedside table,” said Segatle. 

“I looked and that’s when I saw my name, Mpura’s name, Killer’s name…Everybody’s name and I was confused because I didn’t know why we were on the internet but I just told myself ‘relax.’”

She said she wanted to be next to The Voice so she could recover quickly. After inquiring more about what had happened she was later told about the tragic accident.

She said she found out 3 weeks later that the musicians had died and they were buried already. Sekgatle said there were been speculations about the nature of her relationship with The Voice and a lot of of nasty things were. 

One of the rumours was that she was romantically involved with The Voice, rumours she declines. She made it clear that they were friends with The Voice.

She also opened up about going online for the first time. Because she had no phone in hospital after going online she got the shock of her life. This follows fake reports about her demise.

“I just decided that everything in terms of the accident…I just don’t want to read about it, because it’s just going to slow my progression in terms of healing. So I just detached myself from social media for two months,” she said. 

"The whole world wanted answers from me, I don't have the answers I was asleep." She said it hurts that no one could tell her what happened. “What hurt me the most was that everybody I was with that night is gone so nobody can explain what happened and even the person we collided with he is gone too, may their souls rest in peace. It really hurt that there isn't a single soul on this planet that can tell me what happened that night.”

Segatle said she had a survival guilt after the accident "I had survivor's guilt. I felt guilty for being alive" She said she worked on this through therapy.
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