AKA Continues To Become Friends With Cassper Nyovest's Lookalike

Since he cannot be friends with the real Nyovest, he has settle for the lookalike instead

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Rapper AKA continues to be buddy buddy with Cassper Nyovest's lookalike on social media. The sushi chef Mafela Ncube is having the time of his life interacting with AKA as well as other tweeps on Twitter.

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The friendship is certainly booming between Lemons to Lemonade hit-maker AKA and a Cassper Nyovest lookalike, Mafela Ncube. It started off when AKA poked fun at the Cassper Nyovest lookalike when he retweeted his Twitter post and called Mafela Ncube, Cassper Mo'vest.

"Haha … Cassper mo’vest" wrote AKA
AKA's joke certainly did not land as tweeps did not take light to the comparison as they felt as though, this was another AKA's jab to Cassper Nyovest. Tweeps did not spare him no mercy while inserting that his obsession with Nyovest has really gone too far and that he needed to stop trolling him.

"AKA you love Cass neh Be good guys" wrote Pushca
"On my way with a boxing contract. That you scared to sign" wrote Pardon Ndlovu
"Kiernan uyadina shame" wrote Sizzle Thobile
"Wena uzoshawa, uyigwala" wrote Mavu Ndi Henevha
The budding friendship between AKA and Mafela Ncube seems to be taking off just fine, as this morning the Cassper Nyovest lookalike took to Twitter to wish AKA a great weekended.

"Enjoy your weekend @akaworldwide" wrote Mafela Ncube
Kiernan Forbes was too kind to respond to Mafela Ncube and called him his friend. Which did not sit well with Cassper Nyovest's fans and supporter as they still feel as though these are some of AKA's tactics to get under Nyovest's skin.

"Enjoy yours too my friend" wrote AKA
Evidently, Cassper Nyovest's stan felt some type of way by the interaction between AKA and Mefela Ncube. And taking under AKA's comments, they went for the jugular while accusing him of provoking Cassper Nyovest.

"Lol When He Claps Back dont be Writing Statements, plz play Fair" wrote Sipho
"since shitnis not working out with nyovest rather befriend mo'vest" wrote Selso Alex
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