AKA To Launch His Own TV Channel!

There's levels to this thing.

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After his mini social media hiatus, AKA returned with some great news for the Megacy.

When he returned, he was greeted with legions of fans who wanted to show nothing but admiration for the rapper. He also shared snippets of music he has been working on.

Twitter was dominated with the hashtag #StanLetterToAKA and AKA was basking in the love shown to him. He thanked his fans and promised them a bigger and better platform where they can connect with each other. Which could only mean one thing, AKA has something big up his sleeves.

"Thank You for all the awesome messages. I appreciate it very very very much. Real soon there will be new music and a new platform where we can interact with each as the Megac ... way better than on this one," he proclaimed.

Anxious fans could only get more excited to learn that Supa Mega is planning on launching his own TV channel. What's even more exciting is that he has already started with the preparations.

In the channel fans will get to see many initiatives such as the SneAKA collection with Reebok, new Cruz flavor and Beam Digital content.

The TV channel will be made available on cell phones and he announced all of that with a video.

"AKA TV COMING SOON. To ANY cellular network, Google & App Store. Content is king. 👑 (this is just the rubbish audio from the actual shoot btw) … the only version where the band will ever sound better than me," he wrote.

In 2018, Bhova announced his partnership with a network company called Beam Digital's, that will help artists and personalities at large.

"I just signed a MAJOR deal to partner with the #1 Network in South Africa to create a platform for artists & personalities that will change the way they interact with their fans forever! This is Beam Digital’s 1st deal of this magnitude and I can’t wait to share it with you," he said at the time.
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