AKA To Release Bhovamania Merch

… or so we think?!

By  | Aug 06, 2020, 08:14 AM  | AKA  | Top of The

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AKA has announced that his long awaited Bhovamania merchandise is on the horizon, and has advised fans to sign up to the mailing list so that they are first to know when the collection drops. Whilst many sped away to add their names to the list, some claimed that the site was riddled with bugs and requested a password in order to receive the alert email. When queried, AKA responded with, “Don’t worrrrrry about it chief. Just give us your email so you are on our radar.”

Others claimed that AKA’s word regarding his merch has held no weight over the last few months, as the collection has never released when they expected it to. One fan in particular claimed to have queried about the merch drop for several months, and has been let down time and time again. 

AKA has yet to revealed the exact release date of the Bhovamania merch… however, along with his fans, we are hoping it's soon!!

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