Amanda DuPont adds colour with new Adidas #ADICOLOR campaign

Adidas wants you to add color to your summer with the latest range 

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Amanda DuPont adds colour with new Adidas #ADICOLOR campaign

Global urban apparel brand Adidas must have had the saying "nothing ever really goes out of style" in mind for their Spring/Summer 2018 campaign as they chose to revive a series that debuted in the ’70s to celebrate colour for a new generation.

As symbol of sports and street culture, the local Adidas office chose to collaborate with actress and influencer, Amanda Dupont as well as photographer and creative director, Trevor Stuurman, for their campain. 

As such, the images for the SA #Adicolor campaign look way more dynamic than their global counterparts. 

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Last night, South African influencers, reporters, bloggers and cool kids turned the Sandton City Adidas store into a party spot to join the world in celebrating the return of Adicolor. 

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The likes of Tshepi Vundla, Mimi Mvakali, Nape Pasha and Dr. Sivu Madikana were in attendance. 

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Stuurman, who served as a creative director for the shoot interpreted the theme by focusing on the fact that we, as South Africans, are people of colour and added an afro-futurist look and feel to the shoot's styling without taking the focus away from the range. 

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The Adicolor range is available at most South African online stores, select Adidas stores and retailers such as Sportscene. 

Main image credit: by Trevor Stuurman 

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