Amapiano Sir Trill Reveals He Is Being Exploited

The singer talks about being mentally and financially drained

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Amapiano sensation Sir Trill has shaken the social media streets as he reveals of being exploited. Sir Trill details how he have not seen or received a cent from some of his hit songs, including collaborations and music videos.

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In a time where mental health, depression and anxiety is still seen as another pandemic that is eating away from artists and musician. All the suicide cases of artists have all been attributed to both mental health and depression.

For another artist to cry out loud about going through a mentally draining and challenging issue is very alarming. Sir Trill took to Twitter to voice some of his grievances with the status of his music. Sir Trill talks about not even getting a dime from many of his hit songs

"It’s tiring and mentally damaging. So many hits and I’ve never seen a cent . I’m tired ." wrote Sir Trill
Truthfully speaking, many artists before Sir Trill have talked about not getting a dime of their monies even at the peak of their careers. Some artists and musicians end up bottling things inside and the next thing they commit suicide because things reaches a stage of being unbearable.

Being a celebrity comes with a lot of baggage, one of those baggage's is having to remain rich and wealthy even if one is not. That alone creates so much pressure, stress and anxiety upon people's lives. Hence artists like Dr Malinga have recently been at loggerheads with the taxman, SARS.

"never been an artist that talks much or exposes much . This will definitely be a joke to some of y’all . Which I understand . But it’s mentally damaging and exhausting . What are we working so much for ?" wrote Sir Trill
Sir Trill's fans have already urged hi to fire a number of people in his team, including his manager, publicist and everyone who is a cause for his downfall. While some fans have also urged him to name and shame the very people who are exploiting him and keep his money from money.

"If Sir Trill doesnt name who is chopping him its the same as he is simply saying nothing" wrote Fingaz
"Sir trill @SIR_TRILLSA mi bra! we need a name." wrote Pip Genius
The distress Sir Trill have already profusely thanked his fans and followers for showing him nothing but love during this trying time.

"thank you to everybody who genuinely supports “SIR TRILL” .this will probably be my last tweet ." wrote Ended Sir Trill
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