Anatii: The soul snatcher

He's constantly reminding us not to forget to pray but tonight we have something to pray for, him, we want him.

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We can spend all the time in the world recognizing Anatii for his musical talent but we're not about that today. Today we're here to recognize and appreciate his glow up. The physical changes that this rapper/producer went through are actually why he has gained more female recognition.


Not to take anything away from his talent or anything at all but ladies, let's just be real for a minute. Didn't you start to look at Anatii like "Oh, hello there" after his weight loss and during that Tell Me music video with Omarion?

Yes, he's always had a pretty face but now he has that weight-loss bod to compliment his entire persona.

Anatii has had an ear for music since he was in primary school, in actual fact he was about 10 years old when he made his first beat. Fast forward to the juicy stuff, Anatii's mom is sisters with former talk show host Noeleen Maholwana Sangqu and if you've read our latest article on Noeleen, you'll see that both she and her nephew have undergone drastic physical changes through healthy eating and exercise.

This picture below was taken exactly a year ago today (20 September 2016)

Don't be confused by the calmness. The climate is about to change. 🌪#ARTIIFACTTour #BeyondBlessed

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This was taken last week and it's clear that Anatii has gone through a great body transformation.


We guess we really began taking note of how much of a bae Anatii is during his #Artiifact album tour, whilst real music lovers recognized him for his musical talents ladies were more interested in how handsome was looking lately.

Here's a picture of him and Omarion last year.


Now look at him this year on his #BCWYWF collaboration with AKA.


What we love about the 24-year-old is that even though he's lost a bit of weight, his fashion sense has pretty much always been the same. He's always loved to look good.


Shout out to all our Xhosa speaking readers, another one of your own is killing it in the industry.


Look at him here, still swagged up but a bit chubbier.


Now compare that picture to what he looks like now. We are without a doubt crushing on the new him, his hard work has paid off and we fully recognise the bae that is Anatii.


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