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"I am not trying to get involved"

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Lady Du's ex-husband and the former Isibaya star Andile Mxakaza has weighed in on the Amapiano star's saga with her management.

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Taking to Instagram, the actor said he is not trying to involve himself in the matter but he just wanted to back up his ex-wife's side of the story. He said he has seen Lady Du crying a couple of times because of her manager.

He also urged his fans to help her. "Good people, I am not trying to get involved but I Actually saw what her manager did to Lady Du and I ask you good people to help. She used to cry because of him ngicela no dealer naye. I know uyasaba njengo muntu wesimame he threatened her, so pls help her," Andile wrote.

Taking to the comments sections fans said they are worried about Lady Du's safety. Nthabiseng responded, "I am scared that she will be unsafe but we know people who know people who can help, and thank you for caring you are one of the kind."

Earlier this week, Lady Du took to her social media platforms to expose her manager.  She said he has been telling promoters that she is not available for bookings.

The vocalist also shared that her management has been paying her late and also taking money from promoters.

"I’m in hell guys I’ve been crying every day nje... I’m going through it I tell you, I curse the day I signed my management contract," she added.

Yesterday she penned another lengthy message on Instagram stating that women need protection from men who take advantage of them.

She continued, "It’s sad that at times we have to smile but we are actually broken beings. we have to give hugs to people when we actually need them ourselves."

The singer shared that she has worked hard to build her brand and has never received any financial help. She added that she does not have industry connections and all she has today is because of her fans and hard work.

Thanking fans for their love and support, she said: "I’d like to thank you guys personally for being my strength, I’d like to tell you how important you all are to me. It is because of you that I could still continue and not give up on myself. I was not aware of what was happening, I actually thought I was losing my fire when someone just decided to have a say in my life."

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