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 Abomama season 2 premiered last night and what a treat that was.

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Viewers were introduced to an entirely new cast that is definitely there to shake things up and we are here for it.

Isibaya's Asavela Mngqithi was introduced in a rather confusing fashion. We thought she was the lady of the night as she lay bare in the church's doorway until she started spitting things that only Abomama would know.

For those who did not watch Season 1, Abomama follows four religious women who will do anything to protect themselves, even if it means killing. They get sucked into the world of crime and violence when they are forced to turn their Stokvel into a money-laundering scheme. Bound as friends by having survived the hell of everyday life together, they outwit and outplay the biggest devils of Kathorus with their ingenuity, bravery, adaptability and of course prayer. 

In season 2, the ladies pick up where they left off. They have agreed to only use the money they fought so hard for only after 2 years well until Raki decides to go “borrow” from it and give it to one of the ladies so as to make things a little more bearable for her. 

Raki also decides to have two tombstones unveiling for the two boys that died. At this point, we can tell that Raki is losing the plot. She is about to make it known to the whole world that she can now afford to do such extravagant things. 

Fumani  (played by Joyce Skefu) seems to have left her matrimonial home and bab’mfundisi (played by Don Mlangeni). This must have given Raki the leeway to start openly loving and dating the pastor. She no longer longs for bab’mfundisi, she has bagged him and of course, she is still using the child she shares with bab’mfundisi to get things from bab’mfundisi. It seems she has even graced Fumani’s position of mamfundisi. This is confusing because the Fumani we know would have never given her man to the conniving Raki who has been hot on bab’mfundisi’s heels since the beginning of time. Fumani fought for her man and always looked past his scandals. 

Bab’mfundisi has even asked Raki to come stay with him in the very same house he once shared with Fumani (again, Fumani sis, where are you?). Raki immediately agreed after acting a bit hesitant. Sis has clearly won at this life thing. She has got the man of her dreams and now the house too. Life is about to be good. 

This is until Asavela shows up after sneaking away, making sure she is not seen by the other ladies, offering to help Raki pack up her things. We now know Asavela is not here with good intentions. Raki offers her a drink and then they talk a bit about Raki’s son Mancane. Raki clearly has not healed (and she never will, it’s her one and only son after all), she fetches Mancane’s clothes from the other room to show Asavela. Big mistake. 

Once Asavela touches the clothes, it is over. She spills everything, the dirty money, the blood and other scandals the ladies have gotten into. Raki feels like she is pressed into a corner and starts telling her that she deserves that money and that Bonanza deserved to die.

This is where Thembi Nyathi things start happening. It seems Bonanza has taken over Asavela’s body and he wants his money. We aren’t sure if Raki is aware that she is no longer dealing with this girl but her enemy’s spirit. Bonanza starts strangling Raki until there’s no more breath. Asavela comes back to her senses and realising what has happened is shocked. 
Is Raki dead and is Fumani coming back? What about Asavela, is she going to confess or just keep quiet? 

Let’s watch again on Sunday, channel 161 at 8pm. 

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