Ayanda Ncwane Bags An International Award

"Music is the business & I’m it’s BOSS!!"

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Ayanda Ncwane just keeps on winning! The music executive won an award at the Global African Award for her excellent contribution in the music industry.

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Dripping in everything gold, Ayanda Ncwane got herself a massive recognition at the Global African Award for Outstanding Contribution to Entertainment and the Music Industry.

Ayanda gushed at this massive achievement, and said she could not be more proud, "I'm so grateful to be awarded the Global African Award @Globalafricanawards for Outstanding Contribution to Entertainment and the Music Industry. It is humbling to be recognized for the work over the years and many thanks to everyone who has supported our endeavors over the years. It’s reaping season! To God be the Glory. Tonight dripping gold and receiving an International award," she gushed.

Ayanda said the past decade was very significant for her in the music industry and said she works extremely hard which is refreshing to see people giving her the recognition, "Every accolade or achievement I receive brings a lot of responsibility for my next challenge. The past decade was incredibly significant for me in business. Mine was to work hard and harder than the other day, not knowing someone is watching all that hard work, excellence, passion and dedication.

Ayanda's heartfelt message saw her giving homage to her hard work especially having dominating a male industry, "The Business side of music is very male dominated and when I was told I wasn’t going to make because it’s HARD CORE and brutal for females especially BLACKS, that statement fueled me and years later our Independent Record Label became BEST SELLING company for 4 (as in 1,2, 3, 4) consecutive years.

"All the hard work I was doing as a driving force of our company , producing outstanding results and breaking records that till this day have not been broken. Those evidence changed how I was perceived from just as “Sfiso’s wife” to “Madam Ayanda “ who deserve the respect because she had earned it!!!"

Ayanda also wanted to break away from the title of being a housewife so she left the hit reality series Real Housewives Of Durban. Months back, reports suggested that she felt the show belittles her late husband, Sfiso Ncwane's legacy so she had to leave in order to preserve it.

Speaking to Daily Sun, Ayanda said she has built a very big brand for herself, and that just being associated with RHOD, reduces her to just being a housewife. "I have built my brand and my brand is so big and high for me to be just associated with the show," she told the publication.

She then said her brand is way bigger than RHOD's, “I recently saw a headline that only associated me with the Real Housewives of Durban, and I got annoyed because I have worked so hard building a brand of being a music executive. So for me to be associated with something so small whereas I have worked so hard did not sit well with me, and I decided that the show is not for me as I don’t want to be reduced to just being a housewife, while I have worked so hard for everything that I have,” she revealed.

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