Ayanda Ncwane is living her dream life

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Sifiso and Ayanda Ncwane received major backlash for failing to provide for his mother, Fikile Ncwane, despite splashing out nearly R2-million on a new car for his pastor.

It didn’t help that the Daily Sun posted a picture of his tearful mother’s empty fridge or that Sfiso confessed that he did not go to her house because she has zombies at her place. 

Ayanda was also criticised by fans because Sfiso’s mother claimed that whenever she asked for money, Mrs Ncwane would say they do not have the cash to support her.

While Ayanda is just as flashy as her husband, she is certainly no gold digger and has often been credited with helping Sfiso get to where he is today. She currently acts as his manager. 

Like Sfiso, Ayanda comes from humble beginnings. She grew up in Ndwedwe and moved to Johannesburg after high school.

She started off as a waitress and was soon acting as an extra in popular soapies like Generations, before getting her “big” break in the Mzansi TV show. 

It’s clear that this rural girl fought her way to the top, and she is not shy about showing off the fruits of her labour.

These pictures give us a glimpse of what life is like being married to a popular gospel singer.

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#Akekhokhuzomunye #emahlanyeni 🙈... How did I end with Mr Bean😩?

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Straight Oucha Mhlanga Ridge 😜! With the Giants @dannykj23 and @sfisoncwane...... Was great seeing you Danny 😊

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A very Big thank you to Limpopo... We had such an amazing time here. 🙏🙏🙏 wow ... See you very soon 😘😘...

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Here is how I grew up in Ndwedwe Mission... During my teen years my grandma taught me EVERYTHING thing about womanhood, name it I know it 😇. She said to me "The reason I groom you as hard as this, is because one day you will marry " A KING" 😝😝... So you will face challenges that are bigger than your age, and you will have to be strong enough to solve them and encourage your nation" ... I laughed at her all the times because I seriously thought it's just another way of her wanting me n my siblings to get some hard core training as kids. Now every time I face giant challenges I just smile 😊😊 and say " Wow...this looks n sounds familiar" and from there I know exactly what to do... #MyGranyMyHero 😇😇😇 #MyHaritageStory

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