BCCSA Receives Complaints About Uyajola 99

Since its inception it has been slammed for violence and invasion of privacy.

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Every Sunday, Mzansi tunes into Uyajola 99 to be enthused by the drama and sometimes the hilarious cheating scandals.

Although many find humour in the scandals and how they are handled, the show is also marred with negative reviews by many viewers. Some have even gone to the extent of creating a petition for it to be cancelled, which received 870 signatures.

However, last weekend's episode of Moja Love's controversial reality show (which is the SA version of the American show, Cheaters) seemed to be the final straw for many viewers.

The violence on last Sunday's show and how the crew handled the situation did not sit well with many viewers who have called for broadcasters to pull the plug.

Even entertainer Somizi bashed the show; claiming it is biased when it comes to defending those being beaten on camera, especially men.

The Broadcasting Complaints Commission of SA (BCCSA) has received multiple complaints about the episode being too violent and the strong language content.

The show hosted by defamed rapper Jub Jub, has been showing violent content and invades in people's privacy (according to viewers) since its inception in May. The episode showed a woman assaulting her husband for allegedly cheating and the woman he was alleged to be cheating with then joined in.

He did not receive any help until later on in the altercation. Tweeps did not waste any time to express their outrage following that episode.

Shouneez Martin, from the BCCSA, confirmed that some of the complaints were based on gender violence and language. The BCCSA had sent broadcaster, MultiChoice - which airs the Moja Love channel - these complaints and were awaiting a response from them.

Following a petition in June to have the show dissolved, Moja Love refused to pull the plug on the show as they believe the interest on it is very complimentary.

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