Bonang Matheba Catches Smoke Amidst Lerato Kganyago & Kuli Roberts Controversy

Following the supposed beef between LKG and the late Kuli Roberts

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Media Personality Bonang Matheba catches smokes amidst the ongoing controversy between Lerato 'LKG' Kganyago and the late, Kuli Roberts. This comes after Kganyago blasted Roberts for the years of torment and bullying in the industry.

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Following Lerato 'LKG' Kganyago's viral Instagram videos where she was addressing her beef with the late, Kuli Roberts. Scores of tweeps have come to her defense and justified her actions, even though she was addressing someone who is late.

Over the years, those who were paying close attention to the relationship between  Lerato Kgayango and the late Kuli Roberts have actually applauded Kganyago for breaking her silence. Even though Roberts is no more to defend herself but scores of tweeps have attested to Kganyago's bullying claims at the hands of Roberts.

"...don't even get me started with the VUZU 100 celebration dinner. That was HORRIBLE! Lerato being attacked & people laughing & celebrating bullshit, even Bonang sat there & thought it ok for another talent to be attacked using her name. Only Boity used her mind there." wrote Yaya Mavundla
In many cases, Kganyago had found herself in the crossfire at the hands of Bonang Matheba's fan base. Both Matheba and Kganyago have a long history of a love and hate relationship. Started off as friends in the early days of their careers, the pair have gone to be sworn enemies, because of how the industry and their fan base has pitting them against each other.

Hence Bonang Matheba is caught in the crossfire since most of Kganyago's bullying incidents can be attributed to her and her fan base. While the robust discussion on Roberts and Kganyago's bullying incidents continues, Matheba has been dubbed as the reason for it all.

However, scores of tweeps have absolved Matheba from having any doings with Kganyago's bullying. For Matheba not addressing her fan base against Kgangayo's continued torment and rolling, that does not make her an accomplice to the crimes committed against Kganyago.

"Bullying Lerato Kganyago is sick and insane BUT roping Bonang in it is even SICKER! People are not doing justice nje? Pity how Lerato's name can't be mentioned without Bonang in the same sentence. Niyadika." wrote DQ
"It was not Bonang's responsibility to stand up for Lerato from Kuli. Boity chose to, because she felt the need. Don't try to pin this on Bonang. Kuli is the culprit. Bonang had faced too many backlashes to be dragged into his again. Rest!" wrote DQ
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