Lerato Kganyago Versus The Late Kuli Roberts

The DJ is finally breaking her silence on how she was bullied

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TV and Radio Personality Lerato 'LKG' Kganyago is finally breaking her silence after years she endured bullying in the industry. The DJ has left no stones unturned as she slams and lambasts the late media personality and Journalist, Kuli Roberts.

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On an Instagram live video, Kganyago did not beat around the bush for naming and shaming the devil. The outraged Kganyago expressed her exhaustion after constantly being a target and a punching back for both Musa Khawula and the late, Kuli Roberts over time.

Those who has over years been watching closely the relationship between  Lerato Kgayango and the late Kuli Roberts have actually justified Kganyago for breaking her silence. Even though Roberts is no more to defend herself but scores of tweeps have attested to Kganyago's bullying claims at the hands of Roberts.

"Kuli Roberts made Lerato a topic on a Vuzu show on national Television, humiliating her infront of her peers and calling her "Bonang Lite". Dead or alive, she was a bully. We all know." wrote Gugwelihle
"She bullied her on TV, on red carpets even on Social media. It's not a secret. The Vuzu 1000 celebration dinner Lerato was not there but she was the topic of the night. Boity had to defend her." wrote Rich Uncle Pat
"There's nothing wrong about beefing with dead people. Especially if they bullied you, it's good that they can't defend themselves." wrote Nthabi Wabi
Evidently, a number of tweeps have collectively joined hands to agree that death doesn't absolve a person from their crimes. As it now appears the damage caused by Roberts to Kganyago did not go unnoticed to people.

"Lmao. Death does not absolve someone of their bad character. Kuli constantly bullied Lerato, and Lerato was open about it. Don't be weird." wrote Ketso
Tweeps have rallied behind Lerato Kganyago following her viral social media addressing people who has affected her life. Kganyago has gravely addressed the constant torment and trolling she has suffered from social media blogger and YouTuber, Musa Khawula.

Evidently, Kganyago has been at Khawula's wrath back when Khawula was still on Twitter. Over time, Kganyago has been dubbed Bonang Matheba lite, her miscarriage has also been made something to laugh at many times, her husband, job, family have been relentlessly attacked and continuously. Without a doubt Kganyago has been attacked at every angle by Musa Khawula.

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