Bonang Matheba Chooses A Face Beat Over Sleep

Nivea might want its money back!

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Bonang Matheba is South Africa’s own ZAlebrity royalty as Queen B* currently stands as one of the very few ZAlebs in the country who is considered a full-fledged celebrity in line with international Hollywood A-Listers. But arguably this year did not start of A Very Bonang Year.

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This is as Matheba who in her over 15 year career has made each year one which was filled with surprises as she would announcement a new milestone. Whether it was transitioning from Live to radio, then leaving Live to Top Billing, and getting numerous covers and accolades along the way. 
But since the announcement of House of BNG and the initial success of the launch of what was believed to be solely her alcoholic sparkling wine beverage company. Things did not seem that glitz and glam for Matheba.
Initially she had suggested that she is stepping away from the spotlight in order to focus on growing House of BNG as an internationally recognised brand. But then came the breakdown in the working relationship with her management company. Thereafter, it was the matter of the legal dispute over the actual ownership of House of BNG as it was alleged that Matheba was the owner of the name but not of the actual company which produced her sparkling wines. 
But now as these matters have come to a close publicly, it seems that Matheba is slowly but elegantly so, gearing up for a busier than ever 2023 as she returns to the main spotlight in South Ah, if her latest moves are anything to go by. 
Bonang Matheba chooses a face beat over sleep
Before July 2022, if anyone had asked whether they had seen Bonang Matheba barefaced and makeup free. You would need to go back to her early days in the industry to find a random picture of Queen B* without a full face of makeup on. 
However, Nivea came to the rescue of the B* Force as Matheba was chosen as the face of Nivea’s new range. This is along with Matheba becoming the official voice of the brand in South Africa as seen with the release of the new Nivea ad.

A fact which finally revealed that Matheba is just as beautiful without makeup as she is with a full face. 
But it has become very clear that a full-face beat for Matheba is part of her brand. This is as Matheba is currently in Cape Town as part of the influencers and media personalities in South Ah to promote the limited collaboration between Gucci and Adidas. As such, following a night into dawn of Matheba partying with the likes of Rich Mnisi, Trevor Stuurman and Manthe Ribane.
Instead of resting before the events of the next day, Matheba took to her stories to share how she was woken up after three hours of sleep in order to get her full face beat by 09:00. Matheba jokingly shared how despite her own disbelief at the fact, that she was up and looking beat-to-the-gods as her glam team knocked down her door to ensure that she looks radiant for day two of the Gucci x Adidas collaboration festivities. 

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